Christmas Party ’06

Staff and students of our school had a Christmas party on 20th December 2006!      

Flying off to Australia!

One of our students – Zhang Yanyan, has recently received a conditional offer from University of New South Wales in Sydney, Australia. Currently undergoing our BTEC Higher National Diploma in Computing (Business Information Technology), she will be doing a Bachelor Degree in Commerce (Accounting) upon graduation at our school. In the following interview, she shares her thoughts of Singapore after having lived here for more than two years.

Interview with Zhang Yanyan

Q: What have you learnt since you arrived in Singapore? Share your thoughts with us. A: My name is Yanyan, and I’m from China. I have been in Singapore for more than two years. I feel that Singapore is a beautiful country. People call it ‘The Garden City’ because there are tropical plants and flowers everywhere. In addition, Singapore is a neat and clean country. I feel very fortunate to be able to study at Beacon. It is a very good school because the teachers are very responsible, and most of the teachers hold master degrees. I’ve studied at other schools in Singapore in the past, but I feel that Beacon is the best. In terms of curriculum, facilities and teaching attitude of teachers, I can say that Beacon is one of the best schools I’ve attended in Singapore. Also, the certificate is crucial to my plan of getting a degree in Australia. If I can get the BTEC Higher National Diploma, I can go to other countries, such as UK, USA, New Zealand or Australia and enjoy a direct entry into third year of University – That saves me time and money. As I’m not getting any younger, I wish to obtain my degree within the shortest possible time and acquire as many skills as I can. I’ve really learnt a lot of things at Beacon, instead of simply obtaining a certificate. Q: What else have you learnt outside of Beacon, for example, Singapore’s culture? A: Singapore still has a lot of Chinese culture that originated from China. Some are already obsolete in China, but still exist in Singapore. Singapore’s Chinese culture is still very strong. Most people can speak Chinese, and are very friendly and sincere. In addition, Singapore is also encouraging more usage of Chinese. I believe most P.R.C. students in Singapore will find it easy to live here. Singapore has a good combination of Eastern and Western culture, so it’s a good exposure for P.R.C. students. It’s also beneficial for us if we intend to go to Western countries in future. Q: Would you encourage other students to study here in Singapore? A: I think the education here is quite good. If possible, I wish that everyone can come to Singapore to have a look at the different cultures and learn about very different things especially modern knowledge.