Working in Nokia

Upon graduating from our BTEC Higher National Diploma in Business IT, Anisah Rachmawaty wasted no time in embarking on her job search. Shortly after, she was offered positions from companies dealing with IT, design and IT Customer Service. Aspiring to work as a designer someday, the Indonesian citizen has just obtained her SPass approval and is currently working in the Customer Service industry (Nokia Service Centre) alongside Wu Wei, who is also a recent graduate from our BTEC Higher National Diploma in Business IT.

Graduation Ceremony 2007

Our graduation ceremony 2007 was held on 25th July 2007, Friday, at 7pm. The event was held at Memoirs Cafe, which is located at Bugis Village. Those present included Mr Peter Hsia(Director of Suzhou Rayhua Bilingual Academy), Dr Quincy Dai (Vice-Principal of Suzhou Rayhua Bilingual Academy), Ms Lee Hian (Our Principal), our staff members, lecturers and students. The event commenced with an opening speech by Mr Peter Hsia, followed by a speech by our Principal, Ms Lee Hian. A slideshow of pictures were displayed throughout the dinner. Everyone took the opportunity to mingle with peers and teachers as they enjoyed the buffet spread. The prize giving ceremony was held after dinner. Graduating students were awarded certificates for their achievements, as well as prizes for outstanding students. The evening came to an end with a closing speech by our Principal, followed by photo-taking sessions.

Beacon’s Basketball Team

Friendly Match Some of our students formed a basketball team and competed in their very first friendly match against a local government school in June 2007. Our Beacon team (dressed in black attire) was made up of 5 boys — Zhu Chen (David), Wei Xu (T-mac), Gao Xiang (Joe), Wang Yuchen (Ellson) and Yu Hui (MacGrady). At the start of the match, the Beacon team was in the lead with the help of a coach who provided guidance and tips. However, despite their advantage in terms of skill and built, the opponent won the match by 1 point as they had more stamina than the Beacon team. Basketball Practice Prior to the match, the Beacon team gathered with some of their classmates for basketball practice. The practice was a good opportunity for them to improve their skills and come up with strategies for the competition.

UK Education Fair

A UK Education Fair was held at the Suntec City Convention Centre (Singapore) on 17th and 18th March 2007. Our school was involved in the fair, alongside Professor Malcolm Taylor who represented the University of Glamorgan, UK.Despite being a first-time participant in the UK Education Fair, response was good as many came to enquire about the degree courses provided by University of Glamorgan.

Found a job in China, Beijing!

Kong De Rui, a fellow graduate of Anisah and Wu Wei, has recently secured a job back home in Beijing, China. With her business acumen and talent in design, she has a bright future ahead.

Zao Zhuang Technical College Visit

Zao Zhuang Technical College, China, came to Singapore for a visit on 8 January 2007. In addition to visiting our school, there were discussions about future collaboration possibilities between the College and Beacon.

University of Glamorgan Visit

Glamorgan VisitProfessor Malcolm Taylor from University of Glamorgan, UK, dropped by for a visit in January 2007.He conducted a talk to promote University of Glamorgan and courses available.The talk included topics such as the University’s school premises, school fees, scholarship opportunities, and facilities.In addition, our Principal, Ms. Lee Hian, elaborated on the benefits of studying in University of Glamorgan.A Q&A session was held at the end of the talk, where Professor Malcolm Taylor assisted with queries from interested parties.