Beacon’s Basketball Team

Friendly Match Some of our students formed a basketball team and competed in their very first friendly match against a local government school in June 2007. Our Beacon team (dressed in black attire) was made up of 5 boys — Zhu Chen (David), Wei Xu (T-mac), Gao Xiang (Joe), Wang Yuchen (Ellson) and Yu Hui (MacGrady).At the start of the match, the Beacon team was in the lead with the help of a coach who provided guidance and tips. However, despite their advantage in terms of skill and built, the opponent won the match by 1 point as they had more stamina than the Beacon team.Basketball Practice Prior to the match, the Beacon team gathered with some of their classmates for basketball practice. The practice was a good opportunity for them to improve their skills and come up with strategies for the competition.