Beacon’s Basketball Team

Friendly Match Some of our students formed a basketball team and competed in their very first friendly match against a local government school in June 2007. Our Beacon team (dressed in black attire) was made up of 5 boys — Zhu Chen (David), Wei Xu (T-mac), Gao Xiang (Joe), Wang Yuchen (Ellson) and Yu Hui (MacGrady). At the start of the match, the Beacon team was in the lead with the help of a coach who provided guidance and tips. However, despite their advantage in terms of skill and built, the opponent won the match by 1 point as they had more stamina than the Beacon team. Basketball Practice Prior to the match, the Beacon team gathered with some of their classmates for basketball practice. The practice was a good opportunity for them to improve their skills and come up with strategies for the competition.