Beacon Student Bazaar

The students from the Diploma in Business IT and UK BTEC Higher National Diploma in Business & Finance were expected to set-up a bazaar booth at Chinatown Square flea market on 16th March 2008, Sunday as part of their Business module. Their practical assignment was to do some research, market survey and implement a small business set-up at the end of the project. On 20th January 2008, Saturday, the students along with their lecturers, Mr. Chong, Mr. Ronald and Ms. Chua went for a field trip to explore the different types of flea markets at the Chinatown district in Singapore. It was an eye opener for the students as they stepped into a whole different world. The students discovered many interesting and unique products that were sold at the flea market which they had never thought would be a “desire” by customers. The students soon realised that their target market at the flea market were collectors of special items which are often rare and precious. The 3 teams started to explore and took note of possible items that they can sell on the the actual day of their bazaar. The lecturers also took the opportunity to explain the techniques of successful business trades. After much preparation, the students were ready for their big day on 16th March 2008, Sunday. The teams arrived early in the morning at 9am to display their items at booth. The students learnt to work together and arranged different time slots for different members during the day. There was a good crowd and business was good for the students. Some teams even invited their friends to support them by purchasing some of their items. After a day of hard work, the students and lecturers helped to pack up before the debrief session. During the debrief session, the lecturers commented on the students’ good performance. Most of the students arose during the different situations and took up responsibility for the different roles in the team. The day of hard work paid off with the acquisition of an important lifeskill: team work.