The University of Glamorgan’s Vice Chancellor Visit

The visit commenced at 8pm on 14th March 2008 with a buffet styled dinner specially prepared by our school for the team from University of Glamorgan (UK) and the students from the BSc Information Systems Engineering programme. After a time of feasting and interaction, Prof. David Halton gave an entertaining and informative presentation about the University of Glamorgan, its location and programmes.The visit was a great opportunity for the students studying the BSc Information Systems Engineering programme at Beacon to meet the Vice Chancellor in person. There was much interaction between the Glamorgan team and the students of Beacon. At the end of the day, the students left with a handful of souvenirs from the Glamorgan team and were filled with confidence that they were pursuing a recognised and highly qualified Bachelor Degree.The team from University of Glamorgan also visited Southern College, Malaysia on 12th March 2008 with our Principal, Ms. Lee Hian.