Beacon Orientation April 2008 & Graduation April 2008

Day 1: 17th April 2008, new students arrived at Changi airport and pick-up service was arranged. Students were greeted with Mac Donald happy meals for their arrival. They were sent to their hostel where they rested for the night. Day 2: 18th April 2008, teachers from Beacon School of Technology brought the new students for their medical check-up at Raffles hospital after their Mac Donald breakfast. In the afternoon, the students were taught how to buy and use their eazi-link card for travelling which they will use for the rest of their time in Singapore. Next, the teachers brought the students to purchase their prepaid mobile phone card and other necessities in the supermarket. Day 3: 19th April 2008, Saturday was the first day of the orientation programme and students met at 11am at the Pasir Ris Mrt station. The student leaders(seniors) took responsibilty of leading the new students to their first destination: Escape theme park. The students had a roaring good time as they tried almost most of the rides in the theme park. When the sun went down, the group headed to the Pasir Ris beach for the BBQ session. Students enjoyed their time both helping to BBQ and eating. Some students took the chance to have a dip in the beach, played soccer or rent the bike on that beautiful night. Day 4: 20th April 2008, Sunday students were instructed to meet at 11am at Beacon School of Technology where the starting point of the Amazing Race was. The students were divided into teams with at least 2 student leaders(seniors) in each team. Students were given an orange decorative item which had to be worn throughout the game. Each team were given an amazing race quiz sheet and after a time check, the teams were ready to go! The teams were expected to be back by 4pm or points will be deducted. The aim of the Amazing Race activity was to allow the new students to mingle with their seniors and find out more about the culture and different landmarks in Singapore. Time flew pass and on the same night, the graduation event of the Olevel & Diploma in Business IT 2007 was held at the Singapore Central Lending Library at Bugis. Ms Lee Hian, Beacon’s principal gave a heart warming speech encouraging all students to spur on towards their dreams and goals. She thanked all who participated to help make the event a successful one. After the speech, the students and teachers were encouraged to mingle while they tasted the local delicacies of Singapore during the buffet dinner. Once everyone was full, its was time for the prize giving ceremony. Most students and teachers were delighted and contented with their awards. The session ended with a few group photos which will bring back good memory in years to come.