Annual Christmas Party cum Graduation Ceremony

Beacon’s annual christmas party cum graduation ceremony was held at the Court Yard of the Singapore National Library.

Congrats to Kelvin Loy!

“I thank God for giving me this chance to complete my Bachelors. I’ve learnt a lot from the programme and I hope to use it well in my workplace. I studied the BTEC Higher National Diploma (HND) in Computing for 2 years and did a 1 year top-up in the BSc Information Systems Engineering course. I never thought I would be able to attain my degree so fast. Thank you University of Glamorgan and Beacon School of Technology.”

Congrats Karthik!

In the last term of his Polytechnic education, Karthik chose to work harder than his peers. He joined the BSc Information Systems Engineering programme offered by the Unversity of Glamorgan. Now ahead of his peers, he has attained a Bachelor of Science in 1 year even though he is still serving his NS.

Congrats to Students Furthering their Studies!

ELLSON WANG YUCHEN, EMMA DONG WENNI were accepted into universities in USA and Australia.

Congrats Ranhao!

“ I have learnt a series of useful professional knowledge and case studies in the Bsc Information Systems programme from Beacon School of Technology. I truely appreciate all the professors and tutors who were very patient thoughout the course.”


Asked why she had chosen to study at Temasek Engineering School, the two-time Director’s List Award winner, who is among the top 10% of academic achievers, explains: “The Temasek Aerospace Programme is based on the new SAR-66 standard set by the Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore, and i get direct credits which will shorten the time i need to get my Aircraft Maintenence Licence. Time is precious!” she quips. This places her at the top 10% of her cohort. Nemocha’s dream is to gain admission to the National University of Singapore (NUS) or Nanyang Technological University (NTU). After the prize-giving ceremony, Nemocha said to the principal of Beacon: “Thank you for always being there for me, nurturing and guiding me along the way. I appreciate all that you and the Beacon teachers have done for me. The time that we spent together are my best memories which I will always treasure.”


“Singapore is a safe country and the qualifications here are well recognised. In singapore I have definitely learned a lot about the different cultures, religious and languages as well. It was a great decision to chose Beacon School of Technology as my study choice. The school is great. It provided a comprehensive learning environment and had many other activities such as Mooncake festival event and Christmas party. All the teachers are experienced and helpful. I had benefited a lot from the school such as improving my English and entering into one of the five Polytechnics, Temasak Polytechnic in Singapore. I am proud to be a student of Beacon School and very thankful to all the the teachers and staffs who had taught and helped me. They were all very concerned about my study and my future. Thanks Beacon School.” Top Ten Student List

Chen Yongyu, Cynthia in UK!

Interview about life in University of Glamorgan in UK, Wales  Our university is located in a small village. It is very peaceful and safety. People are generally friendlier than those in London. There are mountains and rivers around. The environment is very suitable for studying here. I live on top of the hill in the school hostel. I have to exercise alot when I climb up and down the hill. The rooms of the hostel are very nice. There is a bathroom in each room. My housemates are from different countries. I feel that I can make a lot of friends here and the professors are very kind and helpful. It is summer holiday now, thus I seldom see students in the school. Most of them went back to their hometown. Normally we cook for ourselves. It is convenient to buy the fresh food from the supermarket. There is a free shuttle bus from our university to a supermarket every Thursday at 4:30pm. Cardiff is the capital of Wales. It is often very crowd in the town area. There are a lot of shops. When I am free, I will travel down to town for shopping by train. It takes about half an hour from our university to Cardiff centre. The train station is just outside the university. Unfortunately, the shops closes at 5pm. There is also a lively handout place near the university which is just one station away. The weather in UK is very unpredictable. It is sunny and hot in the day but it is cloudy or rainy in the evening. The temperature is very different in day and night. You can wear summer clothes in the day but you must wear one more coat in the evening and night. It is very strange because it doesn’t get dark until 9pm in summer. I am very lucky because once I arrived in UK, I made some friends and they have been very helpful. Now I am quite familiar with the environment and I’m getting used to life in UK. In UK, second hand cars are very cheap, thus a lot of students have a car. I also intend to buy one. I found a part-time job and I work on Fridays and Saturdays in a Chinese restaurant. My salary is 5 pounds per hour. Last week I travel to London with my friends. It takes three and a half hours by coach. The week before last week I went to Swansea which is a city near Cardiff with my schoolmates. We went to the seaside and had a good time. That is my life in UK. It is an interesting country. It is so big and different that I believe it’ll take me more than a year to travel and learn about the culture here. I will write to you again with some updates about my life in UK soon. Attached are my photos taken in UK.  

Youth Day BBQ 2009

Today is a nice day where our school held a Youth Day BBQ party at East Coast Park ! BBQ Party started at 4p.m. Some of our students arrived before 4p.m. They rented bicycle or roller skate and ventured around the park. The BBQ party began at 6pm. Some of them started to help BBQ the food which can be seen in the photos on the left. The others sat along the beach to enjoy the seaview and listen to the sound of the ships. Not only this, some of them like to play poker card with their schoolmates. Besides that, they also took many photos of the most unforgettable and beautiful memories today. We really had fun playing at East Coast Park. We also saw the beautiful sunset. WoW, it’s beautiful ! In the evening, everyone were still eager to play, talk, eat and drink. Time flew pass and the BBQ event ended at 10p.m. The event allowed the students and teachers to mingle and grew closely to each other.

Mooncake Festival 2009

In Singapore and throughout many Asian countries people celebrate the Mid Autumn Festival also known as Mooncake Festival according to the lunar calendar. Our school invited students to attend the Moon Cake Festival on Saturday, 26 September 2009. There were some stalls that sold a large variety of moon cakes which are a specialty of the Mooncake Festival. Along with the moon cakes, these stalls also sold other tidbits’ such as ice cream and popcorn. Besides that, there are many interesting games such as sudoku, puzzle and other game booths. There were also cultural show and performances such as lion dances, Chinese orchestra, magic show and others that add to the excitement of the Mooncake festival. Every student could participate in a free lucky draw ! The ones who were lucky won a lot of interesting prizes which can be seen in the photos on the left. They were all happy when they received the prizes.