Visit Qian Hu Fish Farm

A sunny morning at around 9 a.m the students had gathered at the school, waiting for a bus that will take us visit to Qian hu fish farm. 2 hours later the bus arrived and we chose a sit we liked. During the trip, one of our staff explained to the students the purpose of visiting Qian Hu fish farm. When we arrived, one of Qian Hu’s staff brought us to meet their manager. The manager brought us to a meeting room and introduced the Qian Hu Company briefly. Qian Hu is the ornamental fish farm industry that had been very successful in Singapore. Their business focuses on breeding of various range of fishes such as Dragon Fish, farming, importing, exporting and distributing of ornamental fish. They manufacture aquarium and pet accessories and distribute them to local and overseas customers. After that, he took us for a tour around the farm and explain how they export their fishes overseas. These fish should always kept protected in order not to get infected by diseases that can harm other fish, especially Aruwana fish. If one of the fish was sick, they should quarantine the fish or get advice on fish treatment from a doctor. There is also foot spas which you can enjoy. These fish will eat the dead skin on your feet as their food and keep your feet healthy . In addition, they provide free shuttle bus that will take the students to Choa Chu Kang MRT station. The students were happy because they could learn a little bit of knowledge about fish farm business. If you are interested to visit Qian Hu Fish Farm, you can view their website for more information.