Mental Health Training for Educators

On the 2nd March 2015, Mr. Solomon Chua (Dayspring Corporate Wellness) conducted a mental health training for the staff. 

The staff were introduced to common mental health problems that young people face, protective and risk factors, and warning signs of distress in the students. The training also covered classroom management skills, strategies to promote positive and supportive learning environment, the resources available on mental health and self-care. 

Industry Sharing by Ms. Jasmine Lin (

On 16th April 2015, Jasmine from shared with our students the exciting dynamics of the e-commerce industry and reminded them that a good attitude is the key to everything else.

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International Exchange with SIEEESP

On 17th April 2015, delegates from the Sindicato dos Estabelecimentos de Ensino no Estado de São Paulo (SIEEESP) visited Beacon International College for a time of mutual learning and networking.