The ‘25K SCHEME’ at Wanderlust Market @MBS

Photos from the 25K SCHEME booth at Wanderlust Market @MBS last Fri-Sun

We live in a consumerism society where the big brands tell us what to wear and how we should express ourselves – We become the clone of each other.

Our artefacts focus on craft and design products. One should be able to express one’s individuality through the outcome that can contribute to human heterogeneity.

Our Design Students a.k.a the “25 SCHEME” Team is selling “Starter Kits” for various DIY products such as:
– Embroidery Art – Sew up your imagination.
– Love String – Express yourself through the art of line and points.
– Anime Quilling – Twist the paper to form your desired shapes.

Visit for orders. All of the starter kits will include the materials and tools to start the hobby.