Agent Selection

Active Agents List

Expired/Terminated Agents List

Selection Criteria
Beacon International College is interested in working with professional and trustworthy agents from around the world. We here at Beacon pride ourselves on the top level service quality and guidance given to our students by us and our authorised agents. If you meet the requirements below and are interested in becoming an authorised agent for Beacon do contact us. 

The Evaluation Criteria for Recruitment Consultants/Agents are as follows: 
a. Have a proper identity (I/C, Passport) in Singapore or their home country.
b. Have no bad record with the immigration or laws of Singapore and/or any other country.
c. Demonstrate evidence of potential to recruit students (e.g. have contacts or networks with a training school or a related business that can provide students to Beacon, or have reputable records for having previously recruited students for other schools).
d. Are professional in their dealings with Beacon’s marketing and admission staff.
e. Have a strong belief in education, and a desire to help others by giving them the opportunity for a good education. 

Agent Code of Conduct 
All consultants/agents who are interested in becoming a representative of Beacon will be required to attend an interview session followed by a consultant/agent training session. The consultant/agent trainer must sign the consultant/agent training checklist and acknowledge that the information covered in the training is clear and the consultant/agent understands all the stated information. 

Commission is payable to the agent for every student who is successfully recruited and makes full payment for a course with Beacon. Commission rates vary and are dependent on the number of students recruited in the current and previous years by the consultant/agent. The commission rate and payment terms are stated in the consultant/agent agreement.

Upon approval from the CEO, the consultant/agent will enter into a recruitment agreement with Beacon. Consultants/Agents who do not meet the selection criteria may request a probation period which is valid for 3 months and will be renewed after a review has been conducted. The approval of the probation request is subject to approval on a case-by-case basis. Beacon reserves the right to terminate the consultant’s/agent’s agreement if the consultant/agent is found to have taken actions contrary to Singapore laws or its code of conduct. The termination will be announced on Beacon’s official website for at least 3 months. An annual review will be conducted which is based on the performance of the consultant/agent in student numbers recruited, obeying the code of conduct, students’ feedback, etc. The consultant/agent must agree to the clauses and code of conduct stated in the consultant’s/agent’s agreement. 

The Consultant agrees to provide the following services: 

a. To undertake the recruitment of students for all the programmes run by Beacon. The Consultant will forward to Beacon the completed Beacon Application Forms and duly verified copies of supporting documents with the words “Original Seen” signed/stamped thereon as evidence of the Consultant’s referral.
b. To liaise regularly with Beacon in order to confirm receipt of applications, arrange payment schedules, inform Beacon of potential opportunities, problems and competitor activity.
c. To act as a point of contact for Beacon in the formulation and distribution of Beacon publicity materials relevant to the recruitment of international students.
d. To advise Beacon of any foreign Government initiatives or laws having a direct bearing upon this agreement and the recruitment of international students generally.
e. To keep all records of all applications submitted to Beacon and make such records available to Beacon on request.
f. To refrain from the appointment of agents or representatives acting for or on behalf of Beacon.
g. To fairly and accurately represent Beacon at all times and to acknowledge that false representation of the relationship between the Consultant and Beacon, or misrepresentation of Beacon’s fees, course content, facilities, aims and corporate objectives shall result in immediate termination of this contract by Beacon.
h. To refrain from any activities that may, by association, be detrimental to the reputation or integrity of Beacon.
i. To collect only the registration fees on behalf of Beacon. Consultants shall not collect any consultation fees under the name of Beacon International College Pte Ltd. 

Code of Conduct 
The code of conduct will also be applicable to the consultants engaged by the PEI to recruit students on its behalf. The code of conduct covers the following basic areas:

a) The Consultant must not contravene any expectation stated in the contract;
b) The Consultant must not be engaged in any unethical practice such as making claims, warranties, representations or statements which may be false, untrue, ambiguous, misleading, inaccurate or fraudulent;
c) The Consultant must be aware of relevant Singapore laws and regulations of any government agency and do not go against these laws and regulations;
d) The Consultant must apply principles of fair trading when recruiting students and must not engage in high-pressure sales, “bait and switch” advertising or similar unfair practices;
e) The Consultant must not be negligent, careless or incompetent such that they compromise the integrity of Beacon and Singapore’s reputation;
f) The Consultant must contact Beacon to clarify any doubt; 
g) The Consultant cannot collect payment on behalf of Beacon.