Aspire2 International


Students who complete the following courses at Beacon:

  1. Diploma in Hospitality Management
  2. Higher Diploma in Hospitality Management
  3. Pearson BTEC Level 5 HND in Business Management
  4. Pearson BTEC Level 5 HND in Hospitality Management

will qualify for the following programmes at Aspire2 International, New Zealand:

  1. University of Northampton BA Management program and
  2. Aspire2 Level 7 programmes.
  3. Dual qualification from University of Northampton BA Management program together with Aspire2 Level 7 programmes

Beacon students who wish to further their Level 7 programmes at Aspire2 will receive a NZD 3,500 scholarships provided they have met the IELTS entry requirement.

Beacon students who have completed IELTS and have an overall score of above the entry requirement will qualify for a partial scholarship*. 

One meritorious student from Beacon will be rewarded with a NZD 7,000 scholarship on the day of the Beacon graduation**.

*The scholarship amount is not additional to the NZD 3,500 scholarship offered to Beacon students.

**The scholarship which totals NZD 7,000 is not additional to the NZD 3,500 scholarhsip, and is not transferable and has to be offered at Beacon graduation ceremony. The scholarship will remain valid if the student enrolls at Aspire2 within 6 months from the date of graduation.

About Aspire2 International
  • Aspire2 International is a private tertiary education in New Zealand
  • 4 campuses across New Zealand
  • Practical-oriented programmes, what students are learning are what employers are looking for
  • International students can work up to 20 hours a week
  • All Level 7 programmes entitle students up to 200-hour unpaid internship
  • 80% relevant jobs found for students
  • Dedicated to helping students find work – whether it is part time work during the duration of their studies or after students have completed their studies.

For further information, please refer to Aspire2 International official website.