Academic Advisor

Prof. Peter J Hodson

Emeritus Professor and Honorary Fellow of the University of Glamorgan.

Prof. Peter Hodson has more than 30 years of experience in the education industry and was an Inspector for the British Accreditation Council and Assistant Director of the QAA Reviews Group, UK.

Corporate Advisor

Mr. Eric Low Siak Meng, (BBM(L))

Mr. Eric Low Siak Meng, BBM(L), is the Executive Chairman of Aptitude Management Consulting Pte. Ltd. He served 10 years as a Board of Visitor to SAF Detention Barracks (1989 to 1999); Honorary Secretary of National Council of Social Service 1990 to 2001; Chairman of Community Chest Award Committee. Mr. Low joined the National Crime Prevention Council in 1998 and now serve as their Vice Chairman. Mr. Low holds the Chairman’s position for the Sub-committee on “Family, Children and Youth”, Annual Crime Prevention Festive Launch, and was the Chairman for the 2011 and 1996 – International Crime Prevention Conference. Mr. Low was an Appointed Board Member of the Casino Regulatory Authority (CRA) in 2011; Board Member and Audit Chairman of the People’s Association; Member of the Board of Governors to the Home Team NS Clubs; Board Member of the Home Team Volunteers Network Steering Committee.

For his dedication to community work, Mr. Low was awarded the following National Day Awards – Public Service Medal (PBM) in 1989 – Public Service Star (BBM) in 1997 and Public Service Star – Bar (BBM(L)) in 2008.