Business Students’ Class Outing to East Coast Park

On 25th July 2018, the HNDBM class taking unit Research Project arranged for their own class outing to East Coast Park.  They invited Mr Chia Keng Hian and myself as well.  The students initiated this when in class, citing how much they would like to have a time to relax outside of class, with their classmates.  This would be the first time they organise their own informal gatherings besides our planned class excursions in various units.

Once the idea was seeded, they went on to discuss where to go, options available, activities to have and fixed on BBQ at East Coast Park.  They further planned on how and where to go for buying the necessary food and equipment.  So by 3.30pm after class, they left school together, to buy the food, bringing some equipment from home, and even got charcoal, skewers, butter, some ready cooked food for those who cannot wait, and even fruits.

The only thing they missed was a lighter to start the fire.

Luckily that was resolved when we met in East Coast, and I was able to walk to a small stall along the beach, near MacDonald’s, to buy them one.

Once the fire was started, Kumar, our first time BBQ chef, started the ball rolling and placed the skewered meat over the hot coal, buttered the stuff and flipped each stick over expertly.

By 8.30pm, everyone was filled and was chatting, taking photos and planned on how they can go home from there.  The weather was cool and the students enjoyed themselves with almost all of them experiencing a BBQ for the first time at East Coast.

— Written by Mr Kang Ghee Keong