G. L. Mahesh Rajindra (Sri Lanka)

Higher Diploma in Hospitality Management

“Beacon is a good place for education! Staff are kind and helpful, and I think my course teaches me a lot about the industry that I want to work in, which is the Hospitality Industry.

My teachers are nice and help me and my classmates when we need assistance in doing assignments or even understanding our modules.

The environment in Beacon is quite friendly and I enjoy the classes the teachers and my classmates company while in school! The location is also quite good as it is conveniently located. I think Beacon is great!

I think the college is very suitable for studies especially for international students. Our staff are all very helpful to our college life!”


Kalu Durage Manoj Ishara (Sri Lanka)

Higher Diploma in Hospitality Management

“Beacon is a good school! The staff are all very helpful and nice, and I find the course to be easy and I am able to cope. My teachers are kind and nice and the entire environment in Beacon is fun!

My favourite thing about Beacon College is the classes. Which I find to be fun and lively together with my classmates who are also fun!

All I can say is that Beacon is very good! I feel happy to be in a good school which is very important to my life.”


Yang Han (China)

Cambridge GCE O-Level Course, L1R4: 11 pts

“Having studied in Beacon International College for one year, I am pleased to say that it is an excellent school. The clean and peaceful environment of the school always gives me a pleasant mood. Besides that, I found that I could catch on with the lessons easily with the constant guidance from the responsible teachers. They are willing to help me without hesitation whenever I encounter difficulties. Eventually, I achieved a good result in my O-Level examination. Thank you, Beacon!”


Truong Thuy Ha (Vietnam)

Graduated from Beacon International College, AEIS Course 

Guayang Secondary School

“Beacon International College is like a second home to me. Before joining Beacon, I used to have a low self-esteem and was afraid of speaking in front of crowds. This all changed since I studied in Beacon. I was inspired by the enthusiasm of the teachers and the holistic education that Beacon provides. Besides classroom activities, we had a lot of student events such as Racial Harmony Day Celebrations and excursions to places such as Pulau Ubin, Henderson Waves, etc.

I am now studying in Guangyang Secondary school and an active member of the Student Council of the school. I truly treasure my time in Beacon as I have learned a lot from caring teachers and made many friends. Thank you Beacon for everything!”


CONGRATS Shi Lichuan!

Shi Lichuan (China)

Cambridge GCE O-Level Course, L1R4: 13 pts

“I was not familiar with the place here when I first came into Singapore to study in Beacon in October 2014, but after I’ve got to know more about Beacon and got better acquainted with Ms Nemocha and Ms Siew Luan, they patiently brought me around the school and explained to me my class schedule. They made me feel at ease being in this foreign country alone. Then I got to know another teacher, Ms Susie Lim, who is the best teacher I have ever known. She invites us over to her house, brings us out and shows us around town, and helps us solve all kinds of difficulties. This type of teacher is really extraordinary. Besides that, I also love my classmates. We treat each other sincerely, with love, warmth and respect, and we really care for each other. My experience in Beacon is really nice, happy, pleasant, and unforgettable.”


Hou Yubin (China)

Cambridge GCE O-Level Course, L1R4: 15 pts

“My name is Hou Yubin, I have studied in Beacon International College for a year. I must say, Beacon is a good school .The teachers are very patient and responsible, and the lessons conducted are easy to understand. Sometimes the school would organize some interesting activities and through these activities, not only do we get to learn more about the history of Singapore, but we also get to make some friends. It was a memorable experience studying in Beacon.”


Shubham Dabra

Diploma in Hospitality Management

“I have completed my course in Beacon International College and have done my internship. I was able to learn a lot from my course and my internship which has allowed me to branch out and easily find better opportunities for my future. During my stay at Beacon I enjoyed the company of all my classmates as most of my classmates were fun and friendly and the staff at Beacon made sure to help us whenever we needed it. One of their staff Mr. Aldo has mentored me and trained me to become more independent and hard working.

The college experience is a good one. Many of my classmates also feel the same. Even if there were tough times, staff and classmates all helped us make it through.

If I could describe Beacon in one word I would say UNIQUE.

Thanks Beacon!”


Ken T. De Vera (Philippines)

Higher Diploma in Hospitality Management

“Singapore is a very nice place to stay! There are many opportunities to grab if you persevere. I applied for Higher Diploma in Hospitality Management under the guidance and counselling of Mr. Aldo Fernandez, and now I am already doing my internship in one of Singapore’s finest hotels.

I am going to complete my Higher Diploma from Beacon International College where I made a lot of friends from all over the world and gained a lot of experiences and memories.

I am thankful to Mr. Aldo and to Beacon International College!”



Dean is now working in John Wiley & Sons (Asia) Pte Ltd in Singapore as a Designer. He was a graduate of our Pearson BTEC Level 5 HND Diploma in Graphic Design. “This school is a very international college, thanks to the variety of nations represented by students and lecturers. I am graduated in Dec 2010 and currently working for an international company John Wiley & Sons (Asia) Pte Ltd in Singapore. Thank you Beacon!”