CONGRATS Shi Lichuan!

Shi Lichuan (China)

Cambridge GCE O-Level Course, L1R4: 13 pts

“I was not familiar with the place here when I first came into Singapore to study in Beacon in October 2014, but after I’ve got to know more about Beacon and got better acquainted with Ms Nemocha and Ms Siew Luan, they patiently brought me around the school and explained to me my class schedule. They made me feel at ease being in this foreign country alone. Then I got to know another teacher, Ms Susie Lim, who is the best teacher I have ever known. She invites us over to her house, brings us out and shows us around town, and helps us solve all kinds of difficulties. This type of teacher is really extraordinary. Besides that, I also love my classmates. We treat each other sincerely, with love, warmth and respect, and we really care for each other. My experience in Beacon is really nice, happy, pleasant, and unforgettable.”

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