Covid-19 Advisory for Prospective and Current Students

In the view of the pandemic, the Singapore government has raised its Dorscon level from yellow to orange on 7th February. From 7th April 2020 to 1st June 2020, Singapore was in the Circuit Breaker to keep its transmission of Covid-19 cases under control. With the effort of the Singapore government and its people, the Covid-19 cases in Singapore have declined and it has moved into Phase 2 of re-opening.

Singapore has been working with countries for discussion of opening up borders.

Kindly refer to the following websites for further updates of Singapore’s border control measures / entry requirements:

You are advised to check this webpage or contact us regularly to get the updated information as the situation is fluid.

Advisory for Beacon’s Prospective and Current Students

  • In view of the COVID-19 pandemic, Beacon will be conducting online classes for students to ensure there is minimum disruption for their current studies. It is highly advised for all students to stay home and make full use of the E-learning platform and keep on Learning.
  • On 19th June 2020, Singapore has moved into Phase 2 of reopening. Apart from E-learning, Beacon has progressively arranged more Face-to-Face discussions/consultations for students to address their queries about their studies.
  • Face-to-Face learning has resumed for smaller classes.
  • Students who need to meet with a particular staff will be required to book an appointment in advance. We will then review your request and reply to you with a date/time confirmation to meet the relevant staff under safe distancing measures. –
  • All students are required to do check-in and out of campus via SafeEntry. Otherwise, they are required to bring their Student Pass to the reception seek for assistance.
  • Beacon will conduct temperature checks per entry to campus. Anyone with flu-like symptoms such as fever or cough will be refused to entry. Please seek medical consultation if you are not feeling well.
  • Students are required to wear masks at all times on-campus.
  • Students are required to maintain safe distancing of at least one metre at all times.
Concurrently, we urge everyone to follow the MOH regulations and practice safe distancing.
Let us keep on learning because, at Beacon, Learning Never Stops!
Take care and stay healthy & united!

Yes you can!

Beacon is welcoming all individuals to apply with us. In this pandemic, let us keep learning and upgrading ourselves for preparing the future as learning never stops!

Most importantly, you would require a student pass visa approval from the Immigration & Checkpoint Authority of Singapore (ICA) to enter Singapore.

You may find our entire course offerings at

Required Documents for Application :

  • Complete Application Form
  • Application Fee
  • Highest Qualification
  • Passport Copy
  • Birth Certificate Copy
  • Personal Photo with White Background
  • Applicant’s / Parent’s Bank Statement
  • Applicant’s / Parent’s Letter of Employment (inclusive of salary, position and date of commencement)
  • Applicant’s / Parent’s Identity Card Copy
  • Applicant’s Certificate of Marriage

Speak to our marketing consultants today or email to kickstart your application process today.

  1. Check the validity of your IPA to be aware of the latest you can make travel arrangements to Singapore
  2. Speak with your marketing consultant on the existing Stay Home Notice requirements for students arriving from your country.

General Process Timeline (as of 18th Sep 2020)

Wednesdays, 12pm – Beacon submits a list of entry applicants to Committee of Private Education (CPE).

After 5 working days – CPE conveys payment link to Beacon. Beacon forwards to students.

Within 2 working days – Student to make payment for swab test by the deadline.
Payment Deadline: Friday, 12pm.

After 2 working days of the Payment Deadline – CPE conveys approval letters to Beacon. Entry Approval is effective for the next 13 days.

  1. Book an air ticket and SHN accommodation within the likely travel approval period (2 weeks after the initial application to CPE). Due to possible adjustments in travel dates, find out what is the airline/accommodation provider’s rebooking/cancellation policy
  2. Provide your personal and travel details to Beacon by completing the “Student Entry Declaration Form”. Attached both of your booking confirmations and photo of the en-suite toilet in your private room for your Stay Home Notice (SHN).
  1. An electronic monitoring device will be given to all travellers who enter Singapore and serving their SHN at non-designated facilities. Follow the instructions given exactly.
  2. You may ONLY take private transportation to your previously declared SHN accommodation.
  3. You will be required to a swab test close to the end of your SHN notice period. More details will be provided to you separately.
  4. You are NOT ALLOWED to leave your accommodation during the ENTIRE required SHN period.
  5. You may contact your Beacon marketing consultant for any assistance or queries you may have during the SHN period.