Payment of Fees

Timing of Payment:

Students are required to pay all fees within the stipulated timeframe.

Late Payment Policy

Payments made 1 day after the scheduled due date(s) in Schedule B will be considered as late.

In the event of a late payment, a penalty fee may be charged. Under extenuating circumstances, the management of Beacon may exercise its discretion to waive or reduce the interest amount.

If the course fee is not paid after repeated reminder, the student may be dismissed and will not be allowed to graduate.

Mode of payment:

All payments are in Singapore currency. Application Fee, Course Fees and Miscellaneous Fee can be paid to BEACON net of charges via the following:

  • Cash, NETs, Cheque
  • ATM Transfer
  • Bank Draft, Money Order, Cashier’s Order
    Payable to : Beacon International College Pte Ltd
  • Internet Banking and Telegraphic Transfer directly to:
Account name: Beacon International College Pte Ltd
Account number: 033-901828-7
Bank Name: DBS Bank Ltd / Raffles City Branch

Students should email and notify the school immediately of any payment made by Bank Transfer, ATM Transfers or Telegraphic Transfer.
Payment instructions stated in BEACON Fee Payable must be strictly followed. Course fee payment should be made only after the signing of the Student Contract.

Payment of the Course Fees by students may be made either in full or by instalments in accordance with the Fee Payment Plan as stated in the Fee Payable.

All course fees must be paid before the payment due dates which are reflected in the Fee Payable and Student Contract. A penalty fee will be charged if there is a late payment. If the course fee is not paid, the student will not be allowed to attend classes and the enrolment will be withdrawn.

Agents shall not collect any fees from the students under any circumstances besides the commission.  Agents shall not collect any consultation fees under the name of Beacon International College Pte Ltd.  Any fees charged by the Agent (in its own name) for assisting the students with their application to Beacon is up to SGD2,000/-.  This fee is to be fixed over the duration of this signed agreement.

Click here to download the following information:

  1. Refund Policy
  2. Transfer and Withdrawal Policy
  3. Fee Payment Methods
  4. Student Grievances

Transfer / Withdrawal & Refund

Beacon has refund procedures which are aligned with the refund policy to execute any refund request.

If the Student is eligible for refund, the Student submits the Request Refund Form duly completed and signed by him / her together with supporting documents such as:

  • Bank account details (for Bank Transfer / Telegraphic Transfer) – where the Student requests for the refund to be remitted via bank transfers
  • Photocopy of Beacon Official Receipt of the course fee payment – for refund of overpayment of fees

to the Admin Staff.

A Student who is not eligible to a refund may submit an appeal for special consideration using the Student Request Form together with supporting documents, if applicable.

Each case will be reviewed by the Management on its own merit.

The Student will be notified of the outcome of the appeal within seven (7) working days of the date of receipt of duly completed and signed Student Request Form with complete relevant documents.

Once approval is given for refund by Management, the Student submits his / her Request Refund Form

Upon receipt of the duly completed and signed Request Refund Form and the supporting documents (if any), the Admin Staff obtains all necessary approvals.

Thereafter these documents are passed on to the Finance Staff for processing.  The Finance Staff also ensures that refund records are accurate and up-to-date, kept according to financial guidelines and easy to retrieve for audit purposes.

When the refund money is ready for collection, the Student is notified by Admin Staff.

The Student signs on the payment voucher to acknowledge receipt of money.  Where the refund money is requested to be remitted into the Student’s bank account, the date stamped by the bank or any remittance agency on which the transfer of funds is requested / applied for is deemed the date of payment of refund.

All refunds shall be processed within 7 working days from the date of the duly completed and signed Request Refund with all relevant supporting documents, if any.