Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management unit

As part of the Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management unit, students are encouraged to visualise themselves as successful entrepreneurs.  Then consider what they would like to be known for, their attributes, their personality, traits, skills, mindsets, background, experiences, motivations, and what type of business are they keen to run.

From that, they have an exercise where they imagine being interviewed for featuring on the cover of a magazine.  That helps them understand what makes up an entrepreneur.

We like to encourage them to think of themselves as the brand, the image, of their enterprise.  That way, they will walk and talk consistently.  To present themselves as the walking brand of their own business.  After all, even the venture capitalists will invest in the management team, more than the product and service.  So students must remember to hold themselves high, be proud and carry that image starting from now.

This lecturer would say, “I might not teach you enough about how to become a billionaire entrepreneur, but you are your own brand.  Be proud of yourself.”

– Written by Mr Kang Ghee Keong