Excursion to Yakult Singapore Factory

At Beacon, we believe that an excursion enriches students’ knowledge and expand their horizons. It takes learning beyond the four walls of classroom. Our students accompanied by staff and lecturers went on an excursion to Yakult Singapore Factory.

During the tour, our students and staff were welcomed by the representative of Yakult Singapore. It started with a presentation on the background of Yakult and the company. Our students and staff also watched a scientific documentary on the advantages of probiotics and an animated video on the role L. casei strain Shirota plays in the maintenance of the digestive system. Our students and staff even got the opportunity to enjoy a complimentary bottle of Yakult!

After the presentation, our students and staff observed the Yakult production process through the glass-walled viewing gallery. Thanks to the advancement of technology, visitors can view the Yakult manufacturing process without having to watch their steps because the glass walls were specially built to offer clear viewing and avoid contamination, accidents and interferences on the factory floor.

Upon the factory visit, our staff bought some packs of Yakult and went home by bus.