Diploma in Business and Information Technology


The Diploma in Business and Information Technology is a broad-based and stimulating programme. The purpose of the course is to provide students with the foundation skills and knowledge necessary for entry to the BTEC HND Courses conducted at Beacon.

The course aims to provide students with fundamental knowledge of business and IT and develop basic skills in oral & written communication, business communication, team-working, problem solving and applying technology.

Course Structure

The Diploma course comprises of six subject units of study.

The subject units are as follows:

IELTS English

This unit is specially designed for students whose come from a non-English speaking environment.

The unit aims to build up students’ level of competency and confidence in the English language in a gradual and structured way so that they can live and study effectively in an English speaking environment.

The unit focuses on widening students’ vocabulary and strengthening their grammar as well as developing basic skills in listening, reading, speaking and writing

Study Skills and Communications

This unit teaches students higher-order learning skills that are needed for post-secondary education. It also emphasizes to students that the skills one needs for success in higher institution of learning are the same skills one needs for success in life.

Business Communication

This unit aims to develop students’ oral and written skills in a business context.

Business Fundamentals

This unit aims to give an overview of the general business and provide students with the understanding of basic business concepts and organizations.

Introduction to Marketing & Entrepreneurship

This unit aims to provide students with the basic concepts of marketing involving the use of the four elements of marketing mix, namely product, price, place and promotion as a tool for developing a marketing plan. Students will apply the knowledge and skills acquired to identify a business opportunity and develop a business plan for launching and operating a small enterprise.

IT Skills and Applications

This unit aims to support the development of life skills (namely problem solving, communication and applying technology) through the use of Information Technology (IT).

The unit exposes students to current and emerging IT technologies and applications, and provides opportunities for them to learn the fundamentals of IT through exploration and self-discovery.

Students will be introduced to a range of computing applications ranging from desktop publishing, word-processing, spreadsheet, drawing, painting and oral presentation software.

Upon completion of the course, the student should be able to:

  1. Acquire, organize and communicate information effectively
  2. Utilize technology effectively in acquiring knowledge, and in gathering, organizing and presenting information
  3. Understand fundamental concepts of business and marketing and apply the knowledge and skills acquired to identify a business opportunity, and develop business plan for a small enterprise
  4. Understand fundamental IT concepts and apply problem solving techniques using technology
Course Information

Course Schedule

The Diploma in Business and Information Technology takes approximately 360 hours excluding the development and implementation of coursework.


  • 3 units per semester
  • Recommended Duration : 6 months


  • Recommended Duration : 1 year

Teacher-Student Ratio

Beacon maintains a maximum teacher-student ratio as follows:

Tutorial – 1:40

Lecture – 1:72


Candidates who successfully complete all 6 units of this programme will be awarded the Diploma in Business and Information Technology by Beacon International College. This certification allows direct entry into the internationally recognized BTEC HND Diploma awarded by Pearson Education (UK).

Entry Requirements

  • GCE ‘O’ level – 3 Grade C6
  • Grade 10
  • SPM – 3 passes
  • ITE-Nitec
  • SMA
  • Chinese Senior High School Year 1
  • Students with equivalent foreign qualifications may be admitted provided they are proficient in the English Language, and possess

    1. IELTS 5.0 or equivalent qualifications (wef July 2016 intake) OR
    2. a Pass in English Placement Test determined by the College

    Those who fail the English Placement Test will be required to successfully complete the EAP/ESL (Lower Intermediate) course conducted by college

Course details


The course is mainly conducted in the classroom via face-to-face learning which encourages student-teacher interaction. Students are encouraged to attend field trips organised by the school to encourage experiential learning.

Mode of delivery:

  • Lecture
  • Tutorial
  • Practical

Teaching Methods:

  • Discussion
  • Team work
  • Field Trips
  • Presentation
  • Role Play


In-course assessments only will be conducted. In- course assessments may include quizzes, class tests, classparticipation in question and answer sessions, oral presentation, subject assignments including assignment reports, projects and demonstartions where relevant, valid and appropriate.

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