• Allow students to gain industry experience and acquire industry relevant and workplace skill sets
  • Foster closer relationship between industry and Beacon International College.


  • Diploma Students in
    • Diploma in Hospitality Management
    • Higher Diploma in Hospitality Management
    • Pearson BTEC Level 5 HND Diploma in Hospitality Management
  • Student must pass all units  (Complete and pass the practical and theory assessments of the course) before being placed on internship, for a duration of 6 months
  • Students on their last semester who have not passed all the units, are required to pass all units before Beacon can assist with internship arrangements.
  • Students must be at least 18 years old at the time of internship posting
  • Pass the Interview conducted by internship company


Eligible students must accept internship program as arranged by Beacon International College and successfully placed students must adhere to the following whilst on internship:

  • carry out all duties and responsibilities entrusted by the organisation with care and diligence.
  • comply with the organisation’s work procedures, rules of conduct and discipline;
  • not be absent without the permission of the Supervisor of the organisation and the Liaison Officer, and not be late for work
  • complete the IAP within the stated attachment period and not leave the organisation before the completion of the attachment without the written approval of both the Supervisor of the organisation and the Liaison Officer;
  • comply with all the rules and instructions contained in the Student Log Book;
  • always be on the best behaviour at all times and not do anything that is detrimental to the company and the reputation of Beacon International College.

Pass Criteria

Students must meet the following criteria to be considered for a Pass in the Work based Experience module, which is compulsory* to be able to graduate the course:

  • complete the Industrial attachment successfully;
  • submit the assignment prior to submission date stated on the assignment given, and
  • hand in the completed log book, with feedback from the industrial supervisor

*Note: Internship Posting is not guaranteed and will be subjected to approval of relevant passes by Ministry of Manpower (MOM). No further Internship posting will be arranged if a student withdraws or is terminated from the Internship company. Internship will be arranged for qualified students. Students who are not secured with an Internship will be offered an alternative plan by the college such as completing a Research Project. 


(As of 31/03/2018)

  1. 2D1N SOJO Bang Pte Ltd (Contract Sign date: 01/03/2018)
  2. A&P Maintenance Services Pte Ltd (Contract Sign date: 30/05/2017)
  3. A-Force Maintenance Pte Ltd (Contract Sign date: 21/03/2017)
  4. Amara Hotel (Contract Sign date: 13/06/2015)
  5. Anandha Bhavan Restaurant (Contract Sign date: 10/07/2017)
  6. Aroy-Dee Holdings Pte Ltd (Contract Sign date: 01/02/2018)
  7. Artisan Boulangerie Compagnie Pte Ltd (Contract Sign date: 13/05/2016)
  8. Big Mama Pte Ltd (Contract Sign date: 02/02/2017)
  9. British Club (Contract Sign date: 15/06/2016)
  10. Buddy Hoagies Pte Ltd (Contract Sign date: 16/06/2017)
  11. Bugis Village Eating House (Contract Sign date: 16/01/2018)
  12. Campaign Complete Solutions Pte Ltd (Contract Sign date: 01/08/2017)
  13. Catering Solutions Pte Ltd (Contract Sign date: 14/07/2016)
  14. Cavi-Jet (S) Pte Ltd (Contract Sign date: 27/05/2016)
  15. Club 989 Pte Ltd (Contract Sign date: 04/12/2017)
  16. Crystal Jade Culinary Concepts Holdings (Contract Sign date: 10/03/2017)
  17. Da Paolo Ristorante Italiano Pte Ltd (Contract Sign date: 04/04/2016)
  18. Delifrance Singapore Pte Ltd (Contract Sign date: 23/01/2018)
  19. Eastern Globe Trade & Services Pte Ltd (Contract Sign date: 20/09/2017)
  20. EL Cubanos Pte Ltd (Contract Sign date: 20/12/2017)
  21. Eros Management Pte Ltd (Contract Sign date: 11/04/2017)
  22. Far East Organization (Contract Sign date: 19/12/2013)
  23. Fei Siong Food Management Pte Ltd (Contract Sign date: 08/09/2017)
  24. First Gourmet Pte Ltd (Contract Sign date: 10/07/2017)
  25. Fullerton Hotel (Contract Sign date: 02/08/2017)
  26. Galaxy Facilities Services Pte Ltd (Contract Sign date: 03/09/2017)
  27. Giacomo Restaurant Pte Ltd (Contract Sign date: 17/04/2017)
  28. Grand Mercure Singapore Roxy Hotel (Contract Sign date: 14/12/2017)
  29. Grande Vida Pte Ltd (Contract Sign date: 07/11/2016
  30. HBF Restaurant Pte Ltd (Contract Sign date: 21/03/2018)
  31. Hilton Singapore (Contract Sign date: 14/03/2017)
  32. Homely Raj Pvt Ltd (Contract Sign date: 19/07/2017)
  33. Ice Edge Café (Contract Sign date: 26/10/2016)
  34. JAB Global Pte Ltd (Contract Sign date: 05/01/2018)
  35. Jai Foods Pte Ltd (Contract Sign date: 01/02/2018)
  36. JP Pepperdine Group Pte Ltd (Contract Sign date: 18/09/2017)
  37. JW Central Pte Ltd (Contract Sign date: 19/01/2018)
  38. JW Marriott Hotel (Contract Sign date: 18/01/2017)
  39. Kimron F&B Pte Ltd (Contract Sign date: 09/02/2018)
  40. Kobian Pte Ltd (Contract Sign date: 28/04/2017)
  41. Les Amis Holdings Pte Ltd (Contract Sign date: 14/12/2017)
  42. Li Jia Property Pte Ltd (Contract Sign date: 28/07/2015)
  43. Lian Cheng Contracting Pte Ltd (Contract Sign date: 02/06/2017)
  44. Loco Group Pte Ltd (Contract Sign date: 03/11/2017)
  45. Longen Pte Ltd (Contract Sign date: 05/06/2017)
  46. Mandarin Oriental Hotel (Contract Sign date: 23/10/2014)
  47. Manna Pot Catering Pte Ltd (Contract Sign date: 12/12/2017)
  48. Marina Bay Sands (Contract Sign date: 10/02/2015)
  49. Marriott Hotel (Contract Sign date: 13/05/2016)
  50. McGettigans Singapore Pte Ltd (Contract Sign date: 06/09/2017)
  51. Metro Global Partners Ltd (Contract Sign date: 20/01/2017)
  52. Miramar Hotel (Contract Sign date: 01/11/2016)
  53. New Sparklean Laundry Pte Ltd (Contract Sign date: 01/02/2017)
  54. Novotel, Singapore (Contract Sign date: 06/03/2018)
  55. Octapas Private Limited (Contract Sign date: 12/10/2017)
  56. Onion Restaurant & Bar Pte Ltd (Contract Sign date: 23/03/2016)
  57. Pan Pacific Serviced Suits (Contract Sign date: 23/10/2017)
  58. Paradise Group Holdings Pte Ltd (Contract Sign date: 28/01/2016)
  59. Passion for Food Pte Ltd (Contract Sign date: 26/10/2015)
  60. Peninsula Excelsior Hotel (Contract Sign date: 02/06/2016)
  61. Peperoni Pte Ltd (Contract Sign date: 14/12/2017)
  62. Plan B Ventures Pte Ltd (Contract Sign date: 17/07/2017)
  63. Prive Lifestyle Pte Ltd (Contract Sign date: 31/10/2017)
  64. Providore Singapore Pte Ltd (Contract Sign date: 15/11/2017)
  65. Quantum Group (Contract Sign date: 10/09/2013)
  66. R.I.S.E Aerospace Pte Ltd (Contract Sign date: 09/10/2017)
  67. Raffles Town Club Pte Ltd (Contract Sign date: 20/05/2016)
  68. Ramen Champion Pte Ltd (Contract Sign date: 21/02/2018)
  69. RE&S Enterprises Pte Ltd (Contract Sign date: 11/10/2011)
  70. Republic of Singapore Yacht Club (Contract Sign date: 04/04/2016)
  71. Ritz-Carlton, Millenia (Contract Sign date: 14/03/2016)
  72. Royal Catering Services Pte Ltd (Contract Sign date: 12/02/2018)
  73. Royal Plaza on Scotts (Contract Sign date: 25/10/2016)
  74. Select Group (Contract Sign date: 03/01/2014)
  75. SF Investment Holding Pte Ltd (Contract Sign date: 10/06/2017)
  76. Singapore Swimming Club (Contract Sign date: 28/11/2017)
  77. Spick and Span Solutions Pte Ltd (Contract Sign date: 21/12/2016)
  78. Sugar Daddy Group Pte Ltd (Contract Sign date: 15/09/2017)
  79. Suncity Maintenance (Contract Sign date: 25/10/2017 )
  80. Suncity Workforces (Contract Sign date: 25/10/2017)
  81. Sushi Express Pte Ltd (Contract Sign date: 12/02/2018)
  82. Synergy Facilities Services Pte Ltd (Contract Sign date: 22/09/2017)
  83. Tanglin Club (Contract Sign date: 24/05/2016)
  84. Taste of India Restaurant Pte Ltd (Contract Sign date: 22/02/2018)
  85. Tung Lok Millennium Pte Ltd (Contract Sign date: 13/10/2017)
  86. Villa Bali Pte Ltd (Contract Sign date: 19/11/2015)
  87. Vishma Svc Pte Ltd (Contract Sign date: 01/06/2017)
  88. Wheeler’s Estate Pte Ltd (Contract Sign date: 18/04/2017)