Jewellery Design and Fabrication (Part-time)


The Jewellery Design and Fabrication course gives students the creative and technical knowledge and skills they need to become professionals in the jewellery design industry. It allows students to explore a variety of aspects in traditional and contemporary jewellery design. The emphasis is placed on creativity, innovation, experimentation and materials application through technical skills. Students also learn skills in design management, portfolio-building and marketing.

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PicMonkey Collage

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Caratell Workshop

Caratell Workshop

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Interact and learn from the metal masters

Course Structure

Level 1 Framework

Introduction to Jewellery Design & Fabrication for Practitioners

LessonsTopics / Learning OutcomesDuration

1. Introduction to Jewellery

Design and Fabrication

  • Jewellery sample works will be shown to have a better understanding on materials, visual elements, design concept, techniques, intricate fine details and finishes.
  • Introduction to course assessment criteria. (Final assessment requires powerpoint slides presenting your design with explanation of concept, developments of sketches and illustrations, mock-ups, fabrication process pictures and finalization in actual design).
  • Introduction on semi-precious gemstones, to understand the different shape and cut.
  • Possible usage on different materials.
  • Introduction to workshop safety, and dos and don’ts.
  • Visiting the tools supplier to purchase the required tools.

6 hours

2. Conceptualization and Understanding of Fabrication

To select a theme for original concept, design a set of jewellery (3 units), with the understanding of the history and idea behind the above mentioned.

  • Research on the theme and create a mood board/mind map such as history, cultural, ergonomics and market research with supporting ideas on the chosen theme.
  • 2D development on the concept with sketches, refine drawings/ illustration into forms and shape that is functional jewellery pieces.
  • 3D development such as mock-ups, paper mache, clay, wax work to test out the functionality of the design created.
  • Experimental process test on the proposed material, such as the functionality and feasibility on the material to achieve the desired result.
  • To develop on the technique need to create the jewellery pieces such as texture, finishing and hinges.
  • Basic technique – metal piercing

6 hours

3. Design concept and basic


  • Redefine sketches and conceptualize ideas.
  • Basic technique – soldering, filigree,

6 hours

4. Fabrication: Drawing & illustration

  • Students will be taught to create 3D drawings, as well as technical drawing.
  • Basic technique – tubing, bezel setting, cabochon setting.
  • Sharing experience of different techniques.

6 hours

5. Fabrication:

Illustration / workshop

  • Hand drawn illustration
  • Advance technique – roll print, and reticulation.

6 hours

6. Development of Fabrication

Continuing in advance technique

  • Repoussé and chasing

6 hours

7. Development of Polishing

Understand the intricacy of workmanship.

  • Final surface texturing/ finishing
  • Polishing
  • Small detail and touch up

6 hours

8. Presentation

Student need to present their idea, illustration and finish product

  • Marketing as how to sell or promote this new product/ idea
  • Display with props
  • Present illustration on mounting board
  • Understand the importance of IP
  • Class critics

6 hours


48 hours

Level 2 Framework

Practical Jewellery Design & Fabrication for Practitioners

LessonsTopics / Learning OutcomesDuration

Week 1

Nature Observation – Flora & Fauna – Design

Design a set of items (3 units) with the essence of the nature.

  • Capture the finer details, as such the veins, growth lines and structure, using these elements into the concept of designing.

6 hours

Week 2

Nature Observation – Flora & Fauna – finalization of design

Conceptualize, finalize and complete the design and preparation on material for fabrication.

  • Using technical drawing and to introduce the usage of different medium
  • Finalizing concept for presentation
  • Exploring in relevant techniques to be used during fabricating.
  • Prepare the necessary material and solving technical issue before fabricating.

6 hours

Week 3

Nature Observation – Flora & Fauna – Fabrication on Design (1)

Fabrication on the final designdesign

  • Explore in advance technique, such as granulation, advance setting, forging and etc.

6 hours

Week 4

Nature Observation – Flora & Fauna – Fabrication on Design (2)

Continuing in advance technique

6 hours

Week 5

Nature Observation – Flora & Fauna – completion of product and Class Presentation

Complete production and class presentation.

  • Finial finishing such as metal texturing and polishing.
  • Presentation on concept and marketing

6 hours

Week 6

Customization – Analysis of Individual Consumer (1)

Design a set of jewellery (3 units) for “consumers”. Base the design of the product on their needs, lifestyle and personality.

  • Analyze consumer’s face shape, skin colour and anatomy,
  • Design should bring the best out of the consumer.
  • Understand their needs and budget, such as gemstones used,

6 hours

Week 7

Customization – Analysis of Individual Consumer (2)

  • Finalise the design and complete it with technical drawing and relating techniques, gemstones used in fabrication.
  • Estimation on production cost, such as gold and labor

6 hours

Week 8
Final Presentation

Improvements on illustrations and preparation for presentation

  • Students need to present their idea and illustration while adopting a healthy perspective while accepting critics from their lectures

6 hours


48 hours

Course Information


Only those who complete the entirely of the course will be awarded certificates.

Course Duration

Total Duration: 4 months per level

Course Hours: 48 per level

Lesson Breakdown: 6 hours per lesson

Course Fee

Type of StudentPer Level
WDA (For Locals / PR)$500.00
Beacon International College Student$650.00

**Exclude GST

SkillFuture Credit

SkillFuture Credit

The SkillsFuture Credit is meant to support the learning needs of individual Singaporeans by defraying out-of-pocket course fees.

A grant of $500 is applicable for the Jewellery Design & Fabrication course. For more information on the SkillsFuture Credit course fee funding, please click here.

Lecturer Profile


Michael Koh

Michael Koh (Managing Director of Caratell Pte Ltd)

A jewellery designer by training, Michael Koh, Managing Director of Singapore-based fine jewellery company, Caratell Pte Ltd, puts his own twist on conventional jewellery designs to create what he calls “wearable sculptures”. He is skilled at structuring and layering geometric patterns.


11823151_748619701915974_8990236360217173321_o 11822966_749363525174925_1013618179200325785_o

Design Awards

Top prize at the ASEAN Jewellery Design Competition 2015

1986Clean River Art ExhibitionNational Museum
1988IBM Art CompetitionNational Museum & IBM Singapore
1988Fashion Interpretation ExhibitionSociety of Designing Arts
1990Young Designers Award 1990Singapore Trade Development Board
1991Hong Kong Diamond Design AwardDe Beers International & Hong Kong TDB
19921992 Diamond International Awards – Final judging in LondonDe Beers International
19923rd International Design ForumDesign Centre
1993Diamond International Design Competition AwardDiamond Exchange & De Beers International
19933rd Prize in Sculpture CategoryPhilippe Charriol Foundation

Beacon Jewellery Class - Teacher Profile

Sebastien Cretegny (Frederique Constant) & Michael Koh (Caratell)









Student Artwork

Jewellery student Art work (Wei Liang)

Short Course Jewellery fabrication Course (Sirong) copy

Daniel (Jewellery design and fabrication course)

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