Terms & Conditions – Covid-19 Bursaries / Scholarships

  1. This promotion is only applicable for:
    • Applicants who are International Students* in Singapore and would like to progress and/or transfer courses to Beacon.
    • Applicants who sign up and successfully enrol for a programme with Beacon International College. This promotion is only applicable for one programme application.
    • Applicants who apply by 07th August 2020 for August 2020 intake
  2. This promotion is NOT applicable for:
    • Students who have opted for instalment plans
    • Applicants on tuition grant scheme
  3. Special Promotion available:
    • 50% of course fee
    • 40% of course fee
    • 30% of course fee
    • 20 % of course fee
    • 10% of course fee
  4. The Bursary / Scholarship will be deducted from the course fee payable and will be reflected in the letter of offer.
  5. The Bursary / Scholarship is non-exchangeable for any form of cash or credit alternative.
  6. Application fee is to be paid upfront upon application.
  7. Applicants must not withdraw from the course before course commencement.
  8. Each applicant is entitled to only one chance.
  9. Successful applicants will be required to fill out a Bursary / Scholarship Form upon application.
  10. Students who are under the Bursaries / Scholarships Scheme are required to meet the following requirements during the course of study:
    • Adherence to Beacon’s academic and administrative policies additional academic requirements**
    • Exemplary conduct
  11. Eligibility for Special Promotion is subject to approval by the Management of Beacon International College.
  12. Beacon International College reserves the right to change the qualifying criteria and allocation of Special Promotion entitlements from time to time at our absolute discretion.
  13. Beacon International College reserves the right to amend the above terms and conditions, and to suspend, terminate or vary the amount of Special Promotion with or without notice to customers. The mode of notification of suspension, termination or variation shall be at Beacon International College’s sole discretion.

*An International Student is a foreign student who holds a valid Pass (e.g. Student Pass, Dependant Pass) in Singapore.

**Additional academic requirements are only applicable to students under the Scholarship Scheme.

Last updated on 03rd July 2020